"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience" 
Dr. Rajshekar Sedamkar, MBBS, D.Ortho (MHA), Senior Ortho-Spine and trauma Surgeon, Shree Hospital, Bidar and CEO R3 Hospitals/ R3 Health, is an enthusiastic Doctor and an innovative entrepreneur. Wanting his medical knowledge and skills to expand beyond the realms of traditional healthcare, he is now venturing into a mobile app technology using Artificial Intelligence to provide timely treatment as well trauma care for road traffic accident (RTA) victims.
Accident care.
Safety is the first priority and make sure that you are completely safe while approaching the accident scene.

children care on road.
Never encourage your child to play on the road or the footpath. Playing while crossing the roads or walking can distract a child and -can be the cause of accident.
Orthopedic Emergency.
In order to avoid any additional harm or trauma to the patient, it is best not to move the person in any way.

Joint Replacements Myths And Taboos.
Many of us believe that a surgery equals pain or surgery is the last resort to this ailment or a surgery will only last for a few years!! These myths are common .

Knee & Joint Replacement Truths.
Living your life with chronic knee, hip or joint pain isn’t what you had really envisioned for yourself. There’s no need to grin and bear this pain instead of seeking medical treatment from your consulting medical help.
Things you don'ts when driving in  Rain.
During heavy rains, the visibility is often reduced. Consider turning on the fog lights at this point as this would help you have a better view of the road.