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With a strong commitment for providing personalized case-specific care. we at Shree Hospital offers comfortable. centralized setting for the care and treatment  of wide array of disorders in various departments namely Orthopedics joint  Replacements Neuro Surgery Head Injury Rediogiagnosis 

Shree Hospital is not only Distinguished for its treatment capabilities, but also for its philosophy of care which focuses on in depth involvement of the  patient and its family(Quality Meets Care) 

We recognize the fact that treatment of various disorders (diseases) demands special care by specialists armed with state of the art equipment like Digital X-ray, Doppler ultrasound, CT Scanner, Carmmachine, Laminar air flow in Ots etc. 
Besides equipment. the said departments have qualified doctors and well trained. highly Skilled paramedical staff. 
"Death can be prevented if given efficient treatment within first ten minutes
in any emergency"
Our Vision
"Bridging the gap between urban & rural Health care by penetrating deep into the villages"
 To be Globally Competitive in Accidents Neuro and Joint replacements
Our Mission
To Provide Quality Immediate Emergency Care to Needy patients at affordable cost.